Memories for Sam

Today marks two years since we said goodbye to our son, Sam. To help remember the impact he continues to have on our lives, I wanted to highlight our fondest memories over the past twelve months - sharing them with Sam for him to experience as well.

The news, social media and most conversations are dominated by negativity, brutality and doubt these days. But let us not forget there is more good in this world than we give it credit for; here are some of my favorite moments of 2017.

  • Charlie learned to crawl, and immediately took advantage of his newfound freedom
  • John truly began having conversations with us, I don’t think he’s stopped talking yet
  • We visited John and Charlie's great-grandmother and great-aunt in Florida
  • Marching in the Walk for Babies and having 70+ friends and family join us. We wrapped up fundraising and contributed in excess of $43,000 to March of Dimes’ research efforts
  • We said goodbye to our first home and turned the keys over to a young couple that remind us of our start in that house on Merrell
  • We moved to our new house and have a clean slate to begin making it a home
  • Our new neighbors welcomed us with open arms. We met their children, chickens and quirks; they are all good people
  • Charlie took his first steps in our new home
  • The boys started a new school together; they get to see each other on the playground and wave
  • John played his first season of soccer as a member of the Goaldozers
  • Charlie started talking; not much cuter than him saying “yes please”
  • Allison and I took the boys to New York City and showed them our old neighborhood
  • We hosted Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas at our home
  • Charlie turned two years old and we celebrated with dinosaurs
  • John began asking about Sam and wanting to learn more about his brother

Sam is always with us in spirit, but especially today. We remember getting to see his sweet face and feel him nuzzle into us when being held. I imagine what life would be like with him here, even better than it already is with John and Charlie.

It is difficult to reminisce and ultimately revisit the pain and sadness that came with losing Sam. But I am still so very thankful we got to meet him at all.

We love you Sam. We miss you more than anything.