Tiny Footprints

The tiniest feet can leave the biggest imprint on one's heart.

Samuel Bryden Logan
Born: November 23, 2015
Died: December 19, 2015

No child should only be given four weeks to experience life. No parent should outlive their child. Unfortunately we are faced with both of these as reality.

On December 14 we learned Sam would never be able to survive outside of a hospital environment and would only be kept alive with the assistance of machines. As hard as it was to understand, Sam's spirit was limited by his body and we quickly understood the decision to be made. We were going to rid Sam of his physical limitations and set him free.

Sam, they told us you weren't supposed to be here, but you defied odds and came into our lives to capture our hearts forever. We will always be your parents and pray that we can honor your memory each day. A piece of our hearts died with you on Saturday, but with time we know you will heal it and show us how to fill the space with celebrations of you.

We will always remember the snuggle sessions with Sam during kangaroo time. Reading Charlotte's Web to him at night. Playing music and singing the best we could all of our favorite songs. So little time but so many moments we can forever cherish. We tried our hardest to give Sam the best life possible and we are devastated that we could not give him more time.

You will be our middle child for eternity and we will ensure your brothers, John and Charlie, know how you made a giant imprint on our lives. We love you Sam, always and forever.

We appreciate everyone's thoughts, prayers and concerns. For now, we need some time to grieve and remember our little Sam. We will let everyone know when we are ready for people to reach out but feel free to leave your thoughts below.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, please consider making a donation in Sam's memory to help others dealing with similar challenges or loss. Visit our Helping Others page to view our preferred charities.

We love our family, we love our friends and we would not have been able to face the past three months without you all. We will need you even more as we learn how to move forward without Sam. 

Please join us in remembering Sam and hoping for a speedy homecoming for Charlie.

Allison & Adam